Intensive Therapy and Workshops

Couples often benefit from more intensive “marathon” sessions—several sessions in a single day—to jump start the therapy and promote a sense of relief and hope.  “Marathon therapy” was developed from the Gottman method and involves a thorough assessment of your relationship’s strengths and challenges, and your hopes and goals.  I will share my ideas and collaborate with you to develop  a plan about how to help you develop relationship skills, deepen your connection and intimacy, manage conflict, understand the deeper meaning of the conflict issues and work together to arrive at practical solutions.

I also periodically offer workshops for couples. These are psychoeducational and experiential ,and are not therapy. In these workshops, I teach couples communication, conflict management, friendship building, “emotional attunement” and other specific skills. I also provide structured blueprints and exercises to help you develop these skills. The goal is for you to leave the workshop with new skills for addressing problems as they arise, and continuing to strengthen your relationship.

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